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Issue 34, April 2016

What’s new April 2016 (Scroll down for May)


Mothers’ Stories

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What’s new between issues 34 and 35:

April 18. Bedsharing Babies. Professor Helen Ball puts bedsharing babies in the picture and explains how illustrations in the media can be hazardous.

April 20. Breastfeeding Grief. Emotional Healing When Breastfeeding Does Not Work. Hilary Jacobson’s new book is a compassionate approach to how mothers feel and heal when breastfeeding does not go as hoped. FREE on Kindle 20 April 2016.

April 22. Breasts. Listen to this!

April 23. Nursing Clothes: What to Wear When Breastfeeding. Ideas about what to wear for every budget.

April 27. La Leche League Meetings. “I am so new to this mothering thing.”

April 29. Portraits with Purpose: “Breastfeed.” Artist Leanne Pearce says the media focus on negative stories that “seem to forget the functional, maternal, and nutritionally precious value of breastfeeding.” She hopes to redress the balance.

April 29. The Work of Mothering. (Newly revised.) Naomi Stadlen asks whether mothering is not as special as people used to think.

May 1. Under a Spell. Where does breastfeeding your baby take you? Do your thoughts sweep you away when you nurse your baby?

May 2. Weaning Gently: Outgrowing the Need. (Newly revised.) “I figured that if weaning was going to happen, I’d better start talking up the idea.” Teresa Pitman talks about a different approach to stopping breastfeeding.

May 3. My Baby’s Cancer and Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding through my daughter’s cancer treatment.

May 5. Birth & Sex: The power and the passion. Are we “on the threshold of reclaiming spontaneous childbirth”?

May 6. ¿Hace daño amamantar a tu bebé mayor?

May 7. Traveling with Breast Milk Flying with milk for your baby? Robyn Roche-Paull on the restrictions and logistics.

May 8. A Shout Out for the Mothers. Mothers you all matter!

May 12. An American in Rome. International citizen Rachel Simpson shares her insights into the changing customs of breastfeeding and parenting in different cultures and her determination to normalize the course of birth and breastfeeding for women around the world.

May 13. Growing in Confidence. Two women reflect on how breastfeeding their babies has helped them grow as mothers.

May 15. Triathlete Breastfeeding Mom. Managing motherhood as a triathlete breastfeeding mom.

May 16. Gender Identity: Transgender Dad. “When my son was born, he didn’t care that he had a transgender dad, but he sure wanted to nurse!”

May 17. Swimming Pools: the Right to Breastfeed in Public. Breastfeeding isn’t even about the mother and her rights really…

May. 19. Connections. That’s what breastfeeding is about.

May 21. Newborn Weight Loss: Getting Back on Track.

May 23. The Unending Weariness of The Best Job. “Let’s not even call it a job.”

May 23. Beruhigungssauger: ihr Einfluss auf das Stillen

May 24. Updated. What My Doctor Taught Me About Birth. In the 1950s, most women were medicated during labor and birth and most had no memory of the experience afterwards.

May 24. L’Allattamento durante la Gravidanza e l’Allattamento in Tandem: Sono sicuri? Ricerca Recente.

Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

It is 13 years since Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond was published by LLLI, so we are delighted to hear from its author Hilary Flower about recent research which substantiates the message that breastfeeding during pregnancy does not pose a safety risk. And mother Eliana Holgate shares her personal story of breastfeeding during pregnancy and tandem nursing beyond it.

Induction of birth can lead to complications during labor and two mothers tell how they fared.

LLL Leader Alice Allan looks at how comfort objects fit in to attachment parenting and popular author Pinky McKay discusses how to communicate successfully with toddlers.

If you are going to be in the UK in June, why not check out the Breastfeeding Festival?

The Heroines Club, a new book published this month, focuses on how women’s circles enrich the mother-daughter relationship.

Ángeles Tavárez wrote her story first in Spanish and we publish the original with English and French translations.

How mothers deal with the “uncomfortable” people who want them to cover up when breastfeeding is the topic for discussion in our mothers’ letters, with a new situation that seeks your responses about whether breastfeeding makes toddlers clingy.

Our regular contributor to “What’s Cooking?” Katja Leccisi gives some tips on how to eat well when you are coping with morning sickness during pregnancy.

Since the release of issue 33 in February we have published lots of new posts, a list of which you can find at the end of the previous “What’s New” post here. Keep coming back to see more individually released posts before issue 35 in June.

Why not contribute an article, story, video, or photos? See our submission guidelines and write to me, Barbara at

Barbara Higham has been a La Leche League Leader since 2004 and is the managing editor of Breastfeeding Today. She lives in the spa town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, in the north of England with Simon and their children, Felix (17), Edgar (14), and Amelia (10).




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