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Anna Bondarieva Features
Regina Due, Pampanga, Philippines
Photo: Anna Bondarieva

Are you style conscious? Mother-to-be Regina is keen to maintain her elegance into motherhood. What’s her inspiration for trending breastfeeding and maternity outfits?

I have always had a strong sense of style, confident in what looked good on my body and what is appropriate for every occasion, but when I found out I was pregnant five months ago, I started to feel at a loss about what I could wear with my belly growing every day.

There haven’t been many times in my life when I have turned to celebrity culture to see how I can solve an issue of mine. In fact, I don’t think there has been a single occasion until this one, when I decided I had to turn to bold women, ones who know how to dress incredibly well, even during pregnancy.

With a baby in my belly expecting me to wear comfortable clothing and with my mind set on staying true to my elegant style, even while becoming a different shape, I have taken a cue from celebrity mothers who are rocking some of the best trends that I (and other women like me) can wear when pregnant and during the breastfeeding phase.

Off the shoulder

Blake Lively always has the best style, I think, but when I saw her donning an off-the-shoulder dress while pregnant I was in awe. I loved how elegant she looked and despite it being a form-fitting piece, the dress looked stretchy enough to give the belly some room. More than that, with an off-the-shoulder feature I am sure it will be easy to breastfeed my baby more comfortably.

Slip dress

I would never have thought of wearing a slip dress during my pregnancy as this 90s fashion piece seems too sexy, but when I saw Behati Prinsloo wearing the trending slip dress while pregnant, I realized how comfortably elegant this type of dress is, because it is loose fitting enough for my belly to feel unrestricted and it is perfect for those months after giving birth when I am breastfeeding.

Body con

trending-breastfeeding-and-maternity-outfitsNot many women would have associated the body con dress with pregnancy, not even me, but Chrissy Teigen donning a tight dress paired with a summer coat has given me a reason to dress up for date night  while I’m pregnant.

Sheer game

While I am sure that exposing my belly with sheer panels is not my style, playing with the sheer trend when pregnant is still alluring. I have been looking for sheer pieces to embolden my pregnancy style—maternity tops with sheer sleeves and high collared blouses with sheer panels on the décolletage area for beautiful evening pieces to pair with trousers or a chic midi skirt.

The buttoned-up shirt

With my belly set to grow even more the next four months, I know that there will be days when all I will want to wear is my pajamas. For those days, I am taking a cue from Karolina Kurkova and taking the classic buttoned-up shirt as my go-to piece to feel comfortable. Paired with leggings—the fashion piece that is taking over office wear by storm—I know I will be wearing this outfit during the last few days of my pregnancy and soon after giving birth.

Are there other fashion trends that you are thinking of trying during your pregnancy and breastfeeding time? Share your thoughts below!


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Regina Due is a parenting writer from Pampanga, Philippines. She aims to empower women through her writing and modern parenting tips. If she’s not writing, you can catch her playing with her two adorable dachshunds.


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