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There’s a New Baby in Your Life: How Do You…? Features
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Mothers’ answers to the question:

“There’s a New Baby in Your Life: how do you…?”

Take a shower?

  • I put my baby in the Moses basket on the floor of the bathroom, or I have a bath with my baby instead.
  • I get under the shower when my baby is asleep, or I bring him in the bathroom in his baby seat.
  • I sing to my baby while I’m showering.
Newborn baby in a basket

Athena courtesy Lena Ostroff

Cook dinner?

  • My fiancé does it, or I prepare something I can do safely carrying my baby in her sling.
  • My baby is a few months old now and loves watching just about everything I do, so I put him in a reclining chair, so he can watch me working in the kitchen.
  • Sometimes I don’t. Dad then collects ready roasted chicken with salad and French bread on his way home from work.
  • I prepare food quickly in the mornings using the slow cooker so it’s ready by the evening. Sandwiches can be frozen and only take 20 minutes to defrost.
  • I pop my baby in a sling while I prepare meals. I cook extra portions to freeze so I don’t need to cook as often.
  • Eat? One handed, with baby on my lap!
  • Wearing my baby in a sling. Often my baby will want to breastfeed when it’s time for me to eat so my partner cuts my food in to bite-sized pieces so I can hold my baby with one arm and still use a fork.

Go shopping for groceries?

  • Shop online.
  • With my baby asleep in her sling.
  • I like to pop out to buy groceries daily for a walk with my baby in his pram, which he enjoys too, and I can push the shopping home without having to carry it.

Cope with visitors?

  • I let them know where the tea and coffee is (and yes I would love one!)
  • By having my husband act as gatekeeper to limit visitors, giving me time in the early days to concentrate on caring for my baby.
  • By giving myself the right to say “No” when I didn’t have the strength to have visitors.
  • I gave visitors a list of tasks and asked if they’d be good enough to help with one or two of them while they were here.
  • I kept my night robe on and received visitors in the bedroom so that they were aware that I wasn’t ready to act as hostess just yet.

Clean your house?

  • I flick a duster round when my baby is awake and vacuum when he is having a nap.
  • Laundry can be folded while we’re having a little ‘chat’ and everything else goes on hold now. I love my home and am house proud, but I love my baby more!
  • Lowering your standards is the best way! I only do the barest minimum of cleaning.
  • Vacuuming can be done wearing my baby in the sling.
  • My partner does it.

Take exercise?

  • Pushing the pram outdoors, carrying my little one around in the house and running up and down the stairs is enough for me right now.
  • I used to love going to the gym but it’s going in the category of things I can take up again later. It’s more important for me to bond with my baby now.
  • I walk whenever possible instead of going by car.
  • I do some exercise when my baby is asleep.
  • I take my baby to the swimming pool and her dad holds her while I swim. I breastfeed her at the side of the pool or afterward in the café.

Take care of older children?

  • I involve them in looking after our baby as much as possible.
  • Have a special box/bag of toys/books to keep for when the baby is nursing.
  • Pop baby in the sling to leave my hands free to play with the children or take them to the park.
  • Lay my baby on a mat and sit on the floor close by and read or watch TV with my toddler.
  • My husband now spends more time with our older children while I nurse the baby.


  • Everyone says it, but do sleep when your baby sleeps. You need all your energy and so does your new baby. And babies love a snuggle with their mummy or daddy.
  • Whenever I can, with my baby in bed.


  • I practice yoga and meditation.
  • I do some exercises alone and some can be done with my baby.
  • My husband holds the baby while I treat myself to a long hot bath.
  • With a treat such as chocolate!
  • There is nothing better than settling down with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, some DVDs and my baby in my arms.

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