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Ten Things Not to Say to a Breastfeeding Mother Features
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Ten things not to say to a breastfeeding mother.

You can feel really vulnerable as a new mother with a brand new baby. You may have had a difficult labor and even if you had a straightforward, gentle time giving birth, the work that was involved makes you feel as though you just ran a marathon. Your body needs time to recover and your emotions may well be all over the place for some time—after all, this is one of life’s major events.


You are now responsible for your baby, a tiny helpless creature who needs you 24/7. Breastfeeding may follow on naturally or it may be an uphill struggle. Either way you will need loving support from those around you. Often nowadays breastfeeding has not been a part of the lives of those supporting new mothers. A lack of understanding about how breastfeeding works can result in people saying things that may well unintentionally undermine a mother’s confidence in her ability to take care of her baby.


You may want to share this list of TEN THINGS NOT TO SAY TO A BREASTFEEDING MOTHER with anyone in your circle who may perhaps not be aware how any one of these things might upset a mother when she is learning how to breastfeed her baby. The list comes from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding,  a book which makes an ideal gift for a new mom and those helping her.



  1. Is he eating AGAIN?
  2. He’s just using you as a pacifier.
  3. Here, I’ll feed the baby a bottle and you can go get some housework done.
  4. Maybe your milk isn’t good enough.
  5. We’ve never made enough milk in our family.
  6. Can breasts that size really make enough milk?
  7. If you’re going back to work, shouldn’t he get used to having some of his feedings from other people?
  8. You look like a cow attached to that pump.
  9. I feel like your breasts really belong to me, not the baby.
  10. Don’t let him fall asleep at the breast—he’ll get into bad sleep habits.


Take a look in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding if you don’t know why any of these are not appropriate things to say to a new mother.




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