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Ten Concepts: The Natural Thing Mothers' Stories
Alison Jones, Oxford, UK
Photo: Megan Soto

10 Concepts: The Natural Thing

La Leche League is founded on a philosophy summarized in ten concept statements which all LLL Leaders hold dear. In a series of poems Alison puts her interpretation of our beliefs into verse. Here is the fourth.

Concept four: Human milk is the natural food for babies, uniquely meeting their changing needs.


The Natural Thing

Human milk’s the natural thing; it can do so much,

it will really surprise, it’s even good for sticky eyes,

it’s the biological norm, not part of some marketing storm

it doesn’t earn money for any big corporations,

it’s amazing for giving immunity and fighting inflammation,

it’s so dynamic, it changes feed to feed,

from liquid gold colostrum to what a toddler needs,

it’s not standard, like other types of milk, but ever changing

to help development ranging across years, substitutes

aren’t even a near thing to compare, let’s be clear,

and until the middle of the first year, you don’t need

anything else, not water juice, or tea,

even if those have been used, culturally,

however hot the country; and when you start on solids,

continue to feed, until your little one outgrows the need.


Alison & Edith

Alison Jones is an LLL Leader, a mother to three children, a writer, and teacher from Oxford. She is passionate about breastfeeding and advocates for women and families.

Alison is our poet in residence on breastfeedingtoday. Hear more of her poems here.

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