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Multi-tasking Features

Mothers throughout history and everywhere are renowned for their multi-tasking skills.

Often mothers are better at multi-tasking than they realize.

To start with, even holding a brand new baby long enough to breastfeed her can be all consuming, but before long you are eating your own meals at the same time as nursing your baby.

Gráinne & Tess

I love the confidence displayed in this photo by Gráinne Kerr of Northern Ireland, UK, in her seeming nonchalance, when, in fact, she has everything under control.

Planting herself firmly in the corner against the counter, she can balance and feed her baby and relax enough to enjoy a calm cup of tea.

With your baby in a sling and, after a little practice, you can even breastfeed hands free and accomplish a multitude of tasks (vacuuming and general household cleaning, preparing food, even shopping or having your hair cut) while your baby calmly nurses herself to sleep.

Melissa’s little one (in the feature image at the top) decided that he needed to eat while she was folding laundry. She positioned her legs to hold him in place and got on with the job.

Deirdre McBride

Deirdre McBride

Pumping milk from one breast while feeding a baby from the other is another job many mothers, like Deirdre McBride, have mastered.

Chantal Jura

Chantal Jura

You can feed your baby while working at your computer, while chatting on the telephone with your feet up, while sitting on the floor attending to an older child with whom you can play games, color pictures, watch DVDs or read a story.

You can breastfeed and ride on the carousel according to Orit Gilad in Breast-Side Stories.




Features_Multi-tasking_Ellyn Hutchinson & Sabina

Ellyn Hutchinson & Sabina

You can decorate your house and breastfeed a baby at the same time! Look at Ellyn Hutchinson nursing daughter Sabina while painting her hallway.

Breastfeeding a baby becomes incidental to the rest of your life. It is something that just happens rather than something on your to-do list.

Breastfeeding doesn’t need to be a part of your timetable. You can even breastfeed in your sleep.

Why not share your multi-tasking feats and photos with other moms?

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