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Milk Matters Features
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What people are saying about Maureen Minchin’s new book, Milk Matters: Infant feeding & immune disorder

milk-matters-thumbnailProfessor Mary Renfrew FRSE, Director, Mother and Infant Research Unit; Deputy Dean: Research, University of Dundee; Director, Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre
Milk Matters is a work of huge vision, based in extensive knowledge and understanding, yet it is easy to read and understand without specialist technical knowledge… A book to change the world, and people’s understanding of it.

James Akré, WHO Nutrition (1980–2004)
This is an important book, as relevant to gastroenterologists and genomic researchers as it is to unhappy parents of distressed babies.

Professor Roger V Short AM ScD FAA FRS
I have read this book from cover to cover. It is truly amazing. I learned something on virtually every page! In a sentence, I think this book will ultimately bring about the demise of the infant formula industry.

Maureen Minchin
But is anyone in the media brave enough to deal with the questions my book raises? You can hear me talking about the book here.

For a review of the book see Breastfeeding.Support

Milk Matters: Infant feeding & immune disorder is available from Amazon and Book Depository worldwide and also LLLGB Books in the UK. In Australia, orders can be made via the author’s website. If any group or entity wishes to order multiple copies, the author can arrange publication in the US or Europe at a substantial discount. Contact Maureen Minchin via her website for further information.

Maureen-Headshot4601-1-(1)Maureen Minchin has been pivotal in global efforts to protect, promote, and support better infant feeding practices since the 1970s. She helped create the lactation consultant profession, was consultant to international bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, and worked to educate health professionals both directly and by being involved in creating university-based courses in the UK and Australia. She was involved in the creation of the global WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative. Her ground-breaking book, Food for Thought, a parent’s guide to food intolerance, was published in Australia, the UK, and Japan. She is on the Editorial Board of the open access International Breastfeeding Journal and can be reached via her website for media enquiries and speaking engagements.

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