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Join La Leche League International to celebrate its 60th anniversary

LLLI-60th-Anniversary-CelebrationOn Saturday, October 15, 2016, at The Westin River North in Chicago, Illinois, USA, La Leche League International will host an afternoon conference, reception, and evening dinner. There is still time to purchase your ticket!

LLLI 60th anniversary celebration

Join us for an informative afternoon of three conference sessions, including a review of the history of LLLI with a panel of representatives covering our six decades, a presentation on the long-term benefits of mother-infant bonding, and an update on our worldwide breastfeeding support efforts. In the evening we shall celebrate with esteemed remaining LLLI Founders, Mary Ann Kerwin and Marian Tompson, at a cocktail reception followed by a gala dinner.

We hope many of you are able to join us for the whole or a part of the day to mark this special occasion in honor of 60 years of LLLI and our accomplishments and to toast to a bright future pioneering new frontiers together.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to meet old friends and new, to honor all LLL Leaders and our Founders Mary Ann Kerwin and Marian Tompson in person, and to recognize the contribution of all seven mothers who came together in 1956 to found La Leche League. Little did they know then that, by acting locally to support one another, their kindness would have such far-reaching global results.



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