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Lynley courtesy Sunny Vickers Mothers' Stories
Alison Jones, Oxford, UK
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10 Concepts: Starting Solids

La Leche League is founded on a philosophy summarized in ten concept statements which all LLL Leaders hold dear. In a series of poems Alison puts her interpretation of our beliefs into verse. Here is the fifth.

Concept five: For the healthy, full-term baby, breast milk is the only food necessary until the baby shows signs of needing solids, about the middle of the first year after birth.


Starting Solids

We all need food to fuel us; it’s good to sit at a table,

whenever we’re able, to break bread together,

is a wonderful thing, a family affair, to share

what’s been made, the closer to the natural state,

the better, no smatterings of additives or colorings,

fresh as it can be, bite sized, just right for small hands

to explore, and reach for more, around the middle

of the first year, when the signs are clear,

sitting unaided, not propped up, finger and thumb,

pincers grabbing, deftly, swiftly moving

from plate to mouth, to explore tastes and textures,

and if there’s conjecture about food being needed earlier,

to ensure sleep; beware, as the links are tenuous at best

and you’re better off putting baby to the breast,

and continuing to do so alongside meals,

for added immunity, and connection,

which feels so right it can’t be wrong,

helping your little one grow healthy and strong.


Alison & Edith

Alison Jones is an LLL Leader, a mother to three children, a writer, and teacher from Oxford. She is passionate about breastfeeding and advocates for women and families.

Alison is our poet in residence on breastfeedingtoday. Hear more of her poems here.

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