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La Leche League Meetings Mothers' Stories
Alison Jones, Oxford, UK
Photo: Megan Soto

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Series Meetings

I am so new to this mothering thing,

so I arrive with a little one in a sling,

and enter a room where there are mothers;

those mystical others who seem to know what to do,

I want to be like them too, so I go into the hall,

sit in a circle where it all unfolds, that feeding

is only part of putting a baby to the breast

and connections and love are the best things to think of.

So with tea and cake, I make my first steps on my journey

with La Leche League, and I feel freed, from all the stuff,

expectations, worry about not being enough,

I feel held and heard in a space that’s here for me,

and I return again and again ~ monthly, to listen

and share from my place on a chair, baby with me,

where he’s meant to be, learning together,

our path changed forever, for the better.


lll-meetings-alison-jonesAlison Jones is an LLL Leader, a writer, and teacher from Oxford. She is a mother to three children, aged five, three and nine months. She is passionate about breastfeeding and advocates for women and families.

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