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How To Feed Your Kids What's Cooking?
Annie Brown
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Book review How to Feed Your Kids

Feeding a healthy young infant is pretty straightforward: he shows hunger cues; you breastfeed him. You know that your breast milk is the healthiest choice for him, but once that cherubic little nurser grows older, figuring out the best approach to feeding him healthy foods becomes more complex. Babies’ bodies mature at different rates. Children become little people with their own personalities. Food aversions are real. Doctors, friends, and family members all have something to say. Parents are confronted with all kinds of conflicting advice on foods, products, and techniques that can leave them baffled. Enter Katja Leccisi.


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Katja most certainly understands how to aid busy parents who have questions about how to feed their children well: she has written an easy-to-read book outlining four simple steps that give parents the keys to healthy eating and peace at mealtimes! How to Feed Your Kids is written in brief chapters that can be easily completed in short reading spurts, which is very important to the typical over-extended parent.


As a La Leche League Leader and a nurse, I am frequently approached by parents worried about how, when, and what to feed their infants for the first time. Others are concerned about picky eaters and if their toddlers are getting enough of the “right” foods. Still others are searching for solutions to food battles at the dinner table. There are so many differing opinions out there about what to do, that the well-meaning parents I encounter are often confused about what strategies to use. This new book answers all their questions, giving parents valuable tools to employ, not only in conversations about food but in all aspects of respectful communication. At our LLL meetings, we always emphasize trusting your instincts and listening to what feels right for you and your family. The author’s suggestions take into consideration different parenting styles and encourage parents to follow their own instincts when it comes to creating or implementing new routines.

Ruby Tobin

Ruby Tobin

Practical and easy to implement

The first page of each chapter begins with clearly organized bullet points to guide the reader through the components of each step. Katja’s recommendations are practical and easy to implement. Her relaxed approach will help parents to stop worrying about how much of each nutrient their child needs and focus on the big picture. She presents some wonderful insights into gradually changing cooking and eating habits to reduce stress for the whole family.

Katja’s expertise as both a parent and a nutritionist is apparent in every line of text. She employs carefully nuanced communication skills, cultivated as a La Leche League Leader, to assist parents in dealing with a child’s “food personality” in a constructive manner. Her strategies to involve children of all ages in the entire process from shopping to cooking are admirable. She even addresses those children with unique feeding challenges that require specialized guidance. After reading this book, parents should be able to effortlessly implement a plan that can set their families down the road to healthy eating. Bon appetit!

Annie Brown is an LLL Leader in Greenwich-Stamford, CT, USA. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


Raising Healthy Eaters

Let Your Child Eat!

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