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Growing in Confidence Mothers' Stories
Britni Means, Oceanside, California, USA


Growing in confidence as I learn to mother. Two mothers’ stories.

When I started my breastfeeding journey with my first child, I didn’t know.

I didn’t know about cluster feeding. I didn’t know about tongue-ties. I didn’t know that my baby could tell me so much more than the clock about feeding times.

When my second child was born five weeks early, I didn’t know if I could nurse her.

I did.

growing-in-confidenceWhen I became pregnant again, earlier than anticipated, I didn’t know if I could nurse through a pregnancy.

I did.

I didn’t know if I could tandem nurse two beautiful girls for 18 months. But, I tried.

And, I did.

I didn’t know that I’d find La Leche League and in doing so, find support and life-long friends.

I did.

I didn’t know that in breastfeeding I’d find confidence, new trust in my body, healing, and love. So much love.

I did.

I didn’t know that in breastfeeding, I’d learn how to be a mother.

I did!

The Mother I Am

Tallulah Robe, Mama Sia, Florida USA


This is what breastfeeding a toddler looks like when you are pregnant.

the-mother-i-amSometimes, he lies sideways. Other times, he’s upside down. And then before bedtime, he snuggles up close to me and falls asleep.

Did I ever imagine that I would breastfeed my son past his second birthday? Nope.

Did I ever imagine I would keep breastfeeding throughout my second pregnancy? Not even!

It’s an amazing achievement and I’m so thankful for this ability to make milk and to keep going. Once my daughter is born, I shall tandem feed them both together.

Not many people know any of this about me. Some folks like to say I’m vain and am only thinking about myself; particularly because I’m keeping up my fitness regime, despite being eight months along. But my childrens’ needs and health are my priority.

We all have our own different styles of mothering and it’s when we come together to empower each other—not judge each other when we are trying our best—that motherhood is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you to my husband for snapping this intimate moment. He’s been my biggest supporter throughout, as I become the mother I am.


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