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A few words from mothers about Daddy and photos to celebrate fathers. 

Janie: My husband? I love him and he is another pair of hands!

Kate: Bath time is Daddy time. I think the two of them have the most fun together then.

Sarah: He’s my cheerleader, “You can do this!” “Just think how far you’ve come since last week!” When breastfeeding was tough, he supported and encouraged me.


Christina Simantiri

Nikki: He wasn’t convinced in the early days that breastfeeding was such a great idea. He was always wanting to help by giving a bottle so I could catch up on sleep. But when he saw how much better rested I was without the crying baby and the bottles, he soon changed his mind.

Rebecca: My partner wears our baby in a sling while he vacuums the house. He’s the best!

Louise: My man bakes cakes with our older two so I can sit and nurse the baby. Beat that!

Amanda: He sings to our children and tells the funniest stories.

Christine: It was really hard for our relationship, the whole start to parenthood. Difficult pregnancy and birth, postpartum depression and job loss, frustrations of all sorts, arguments with each other and the in-laws, sleep deprivation … Breastfeeding was hard too. Now we have reached six months, things have calmed down and we are starting to gain some confidence. It wasn’t easy but I couldn’t have coped without his support.

Pam: We are learning together on the job.

Nicola: Bonding through lots of cuddles.

Elisa: I’m out at school and Daddy stays home with our baby. I call him when I’m pumping as seeing them together helps me let down my milk more easily.

Jade: It was his idea to go to an LLL meeting. One of his female colleagues gave him the contact details of my local Leader. I am so glad she did!

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