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Breastfeeding for HIV-Positive Mothers Features
Added reference September 2016
Pamela Morrison IBCLC
Photo: Athena courtesy of Lena Ostroff

Recommendations from global health authorities endorse exclusive breastfeeding for all babies for the first six months of life and continued partial breastfeeding for up to two years or beyond. (1) Yet it is commonly believed that the one exception to this recommendation is the baby of a mother who has been diagnosed as HIV-infected, due to the fear that the mother may pass the virus to her baby in her milk. (2)

Most HIV-exposed babies are born in places where breastfeeding is the cultural norm and where formula-feeding is particularly unwelcome, unnatural and stigmatising. (3)

Current World Health Organization guidance on HIV and infant feeding is clear that for most mothers in most countries, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, followed by continued partial breastfeeding for at least the first year of life will enhance HIV-free child survival. (4) In other words, recent research suggests that formula-feeding is more risky than breastfeeding with HIV. As more is known, an increasing number of HIV-positive mothers in industrialized countries are questioning whether the risk of HIV transmission through breastfeeding is as high as they have been led to believe and, if it is not, they are asking if they, too, can breastfeed.

What information will help these mothers to make an informed decision about whether breastfeeding will be safe for their babies? What research can they discuss with their doctors and HIV clinicians as they express their ambitions and ask for support?

Current World Health Organization guidance on HIV and infant feeding is clear that for most mothers in most countries, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, followed by continued partial breastfeeding for at least the first year of life will enhance HIV-free child survival.

How is the risk of breastfeeding-associated HIV transmission measured?

Firstly, it needs to be remembered that since 1985 breastfeeding in the context of HIV has received very bad press. Fears about early high-risk estimates of HIV transmission persist. But there is a great difference in transmission risk between a mother receiving effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) in 2014 (5) and the unfortunate mother of several decades ago for whom no drug therapy was available and the risk of postnatal transmission through any breastfeeding was estimated to be 15–30% higher than that of no breastfeeding. (6)

The transforming effect of effective antiretroviral therapy (ART)

A growing body of research shows that effective ART can not only improve the health of an infected individual so that he or she can enjoy a normal life-span, (7) but that treatment also constitutes an effective form of prevention between infected and uninfected members of a couple, and between an infected mother and her infant during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.

No cases of transmission of HIV were found during two years of follow-up of sero-discordant couples when the HIV-infected partner received and took antiretroviral medications. (8) Up-to-date World Health Organization guidance recommends that all women diagnosed as HIV-infected should receive immediate ART, which should be continued for life.5 HIV-infected expectant mothers who are diagnosed as HIV-positive during early pregnancy can receive a long enough course of ART to ensure that the number of viral copies in their blood becomes undetectable by their due date, posing a negligible risk of transmission of the virus during labor and delivery, and allowing them to have a normal vaginal birth. (9) The duration of treatment is important: a study published in 2011 (10) showed that ART needs to be taken for approximately 13 weeks to reduce the number of viral copies to levels that are no longer detectable on a standard HIV test; mothers who received ART for less than four weeks had a five-fold increased risk of HIV transmission to their babies.

Exclusive breastfeeding

The importance of exclusive breastfeeding in reducing the risk of postnatal HIV transmission was first established in a South African study published in 1999, (11) and subsequently confirmed amongst Zimbabwean infants in 2005. (12) In the latter study, compared with early mixed feeding (breast milk and other foods and liquids), exclusive breastfeeding (feeding only breast milk) reduced transmission by 75% in babies tested at six months. It was hypothesized that too-early feeding with other foods and liquids besides breast milk may disturb the normal infant gastrointestinal flora. (13) When babies are mixed fed, pathogens and dietary antigens in formula can cause small sites of damage and inflammation to the baby’s intestinal mucosa. Once the integrity of the baby’s gut has been compromised, it is easier for HIV in breast milk to cross the mucous membranes and to make contact with the baby’s bloodstream. On the other hand, protective components in mother’s milk, for example epidermal growth factor, can help the intestinal epithelial barrier to mature, thus helping to protect against infection with HIV.

When the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV in utero, during birth or during breastfeeding can be reduced to almost nil, as it can today, it is no longer necessary for HIV-positive women to give up all hope of breastfeeding.

When the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV in utero, during birth or during breastfeeding can be reduced to almost nil, as it can today, it is no longer necessary for HIV-positive women to give up all hope of breastfeeding.

Normal mixed feeding after six months

As a result of the findings about the protective effects of exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months, concern was expressed about the possible dangers of HIV-transmission during normal mixed feeding after six months. As a result, HIV-positive mothers who elected to breastfeed were advised to practice what was called “early cessation of breastfeeding,” or premature weaning, as soon as practicable. (14, 15)

Subsequent studies have confirmed that after the recommended period of six months’ exclusive breastfeeding, continued partial breastfeeding with the addition of other foods and liquids, as recommended for babies outside the context of HIV, resulted in an extremely low risk of transmission in the 6–12 month period. (16, 17) Further studies from Zambia where maternal ART was initiated in early pregnancy and continued to 12 months postpartum, while infants were exclusively breastfed to six months and continued breastfeeding with complementary feeding from 6–12 months, resulted in postpartum HIV transmission rates of 1–2% at 12 months. (17, 18, 19) Confirmatory results showed that the only postnatal transmissions occurred in one infant at two weeks postpartum (19), which most likely occurred in utero, or in women who were non-adherent to their medications. (20)

What is the risk of not breastfeeding?

In spite of these excellent results, there remains a common assumption that because mothers living with HIV in industrialized countries such as Europe, North America and Australia have access to clean water and safe infant feeding alternatives, breastfeeding avoidance is free from risk. This may in part stem from misleading reporting of research (21) results but in fact, formula-fed babies experience higher rates of morbidity and mortality than their breastfed counterparts, even in industrialized countries. (22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28)

Current guidance in developed countries

In the industrialized countries of UK, Europe, Australia and Canada, a high percentage of mothers diagnosed as HIV-positive are immigrants from countries of high HIV-prevalence, particularly those in Eastern and Southern Africa. In recognition that their guidance needed to fit the population it was designed to assist, and following extensive consultation, the British HIV Association (BHIVA) published a revised position paper in 2011 stating that although formula-feeding remains the first recommendation for infant feeding in the context of HIV, when an HIV- positive mother with an undetectable viral load wishes to breastfeed, then she should be supported to do so. (29) BHIVA recommends that mothers who choose this option should practice exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life while receiving regular monitoring of maternal viral load and infant HIV status.

A similar relaxation of a formerly absolute prohibition of breastfeeding, and accompanying threats of imposition of child safe-guarding measures against mothers who did not comply, has also occurred in the USA. In early 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics published revised recommendations to support breastfeeding by HIV-positive mothers when mothers are adherent to ART, achieve an undetectable viral load, and practice exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, and the health of mother and baby are closely monitored and optimised. (30)

Supporting breastfeeding, even in the context of HIV?

Breastfeeding in the context of HIV is best planned meticulously. Antenatally, HIV-positive mothers need to be in touch with their physicians and HIV clinicians. They should discuss with them what they know of up-to-date research findings, including the risks and benefits of different feeding methods, the importance of ART, the duration of therapy, undetectable viral load, and ongoing adherence to their medications. They might also be advised to inform themselves about local and/or national HIV and infant feeding policy and to seek legal representation if there are likely to be any safe-guarding concerns or any threat of coercion to bottle-feed, as is occasionally reported. (31)

If the decision is made to breastfeed, HIV-positive mothers should receive competent and well-informed breastfeeding assistance from a recognized breastfeeding support organization or an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) before and after birth. Mothers will need practical assistance with latching their baby comfortably to the breast, and ensuring effective breastfeeding. They may need advice and ongoing follow-up to avoid, minimize and quickly resolve any postpartum breast or nipple problems, such as sore nipples, breast engorgement, or symptoms of mastitis. It is important to prevent or treat these kinds of difficulties promptly should they occur, not only to avoid increasing the risk of transmission of postpartum HIV but also so that exclusive breastfeeding can easily be initiated and maintained for the full first six months of their infant’s life. The baby’s HIV status should be tested at birth, and at monthly intervals until three months after breastfeeding ends. (29, 30)

Finally, it is not possible to overstate the need for breastfeeding counselors or IBCLCs to liaise with and be guided by the mother’s and baby’s primary healthcare providers so that all parties can work together as a team for the best health outcomes for both mother and baby.

Hope for the future

When the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV in utero, during birth or during breastfeeding can be reduced to almost nil, as it can today, it is no longer necessary for HIV-positive women to give up all hope of breastfeeding. Up-to-date evidence-based research suggests that when HIV-positive women receive adequate ART, they can safely embark upon a pregnancy and deliver their children vaginally. Research also shows that improved health outcomes can be achieved with breastfeeding compared to not breastfeeding. There are only two provisos:

1) mothers must be meticulously adherent to their medication, and

2) breastfeeding should be practiced exclusively during the first six months of life.

When these two preconditions are met, the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV through breastfeeding can be reduced to negligible levels. The World Health Organization describes these findings as “transforming,” and it follows that there should thus be no need to discourage breastfeeding, both within and outside the context of HIV.


NEW 2016: World Health Organization Updates on HIV and Infant Feeding

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HIV-positive Mothers’ Stories



Jacky’s story

I discovered I had HIV, the dreaded disease, in 2006, when my baby was a year old. It was very hard for me to accept. When I got pregnant in October 2013, my CD4 count was low. CD4 cells or T-cells are the “generals” of the human immune system. These are the cells that send signals to activate your body’s immune response when they detect “intruders” such as viruses or bacteria. Because of the important role these cells play in how your body fights off infections, it’s important to keep their numbers up in the normal ranges to prevent HIV-related complications and opportunistic infections. So at 12 weeks pregnant, I started taking a Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) tablet containing tenofovir, emtricitabine and efarivenz. It wasn’t easy adjusting to the treatment, since I experienced vomiting and hot flushes, but putting the interests of the baby first, I gradually got used to the drugs.

I am glad I registered at Discovery Hospital, where at prenatal classes, we learned about diet, how to live positively with our condition, and about the importance of breastfeeding. Initially I had thought I would have to give my baby formula. I worried a lot because I didn’t want to pass the virus on to my baby. Mixed feelings and confusion surrounded my decision-making about how to feed.

I was full of “what ifs?” along with the other pregnant women. I researched the topic on the Internet, and some sites were totally against breastfeeding, which alarmed me. At the clinic we were told that as long as we were on an FDC, the viral load goes down, making the chances of transmission very slim, provided you followed the guidelines of exclusive breastfeeding for six months, did not give your baby water and gave only medicines prescribed by a healthcare professional. The staff at the hospital is fantastic. They never got tired of answering my questions.

I gave birth safely and was told to give nevarepin to my baby every day. He would throw up, and I would have to repeat the dose if the vomiting had occurred within 30 minutes of his having taken the medication.

My decision to breastfeed came after much consultation with a few friends in my situation and after following Dr. Sindi’s posts on, a social networking platform. I felt encouraged when I read of similar cases and how the babies of those breastfeeding mommies tested negative after following her advice. God bless her, she is one in a million!

I was worried about returning to work while exclusively breastfeeding but learned about expressing milk and how to store it. I used a cup for feeding rather than a bottle, so as not to confuse my baby and because it was easier to keep clean. I’m self-employed and the thought of leaving my baby scares me for now. He’s still only seven weeks. I feel I could stay with him until six months.

Last week my baby was tested for HIV and I’m expecting the results in three weeks. Naturally I am afraid but I have followed all the guidelines and l believe he is okay. I put my trust in God. Only a few people know my status: those I met at prenatal classes who share my condition.

When I tell my mom my baby is crying, she tells me to give him porridge and that he’s not getting enough milk, and I just say OK because she’s far away. I would never risk my child’s life by doing so. I’m the only one who can protect him, so I make sure to do what is right. I thank God my viral load is low, I’m healthy and my baby is growing well.

Editor’s note: In South Africa, it is very common to give porridge or other solids from as early as a few weeks. It is considered a sign of extreme disrespect to contradict your elders, so moms battle to breastfeed exclusively if they live with their extended family, which they often do. When an elder says mom must give the baby porridge, she feels she cannot say no. There is very little understanding about why it is unhealthy to give solids before around the middle of the first year.

Nonhlanhla’s story

I did not know I was HIV-positive until I was seven months pregnant. I lived with my cousin who had sores in her mouth. She would use my lip gloss and rub it on her sores. Unknowingly, I used it too for weeks and my cousin turned out to be HIV-positive. When my blood test came back positive, I was shocked and in denial, but I took the medication for the sake of my unborn baby.

I was excited about having a baby, but after she was born I couldn’t even kiss her for fear of passing on the virus. I rejected her for the first six weeks.

I chose to bottle-feed because my family doesn’t know my status. They support me bottle-feeding. They would have had questions about the baby’s medicine and, since I am forgetful, I might sometimes have not remembered to give it to her and put her life at stake. Sometimes it is hard to carry a huge secret inside. Sometimes people ask why I never breastfed my baby and I tell them that it is all about making choices.

This is my first baby, I am very young and have to work. If I had met Dr. Van Zyl earlier, I think I would have given my baby love and comfort from the very first and would have been proud to be a mother without thinking about my baby so negatively.

I have learned that whether you are HIV-positive or not, you can breastfeed your baby, but it’s all about the choices we have. We mothers face a lot of challenges because we are the ones who have to take care of our babies.

Financially, breastfeeding is a good idea since you don’t have to suffer when you no have money for formula. The government here in South Africa provides a child support grant to help us look after our babies.

Editor’s note: The Department of Health in South Africa estimates that a mom needs at least R400 a month disposable income to formula feed her baby safely. In 2011, about 44% of the households in South Africa had a combined monthly household income of R1600 or less (Census 2011). This puts into perspective how much of a financial burden formula feeding can be. The child support grant Nonhlanhla mentions is R250 a month, which is included in the above household income figures.

I have learned that whether you are HIV-positive or not, you can breastfeed your baby, but it’s all about the choices we have. We mothers face a lot of challenges because we are the ones who have to take care of our babies.

Ng’enda’s story

I have been HIV-positive for over six years and I started my medication during pregnancy. I decided to breastfeed when I learned about its importance and the ease of bonding, but before the birth I had second thoughts worrying about infecting him. The moment I laid eyes on my baby, all the fear and doubts disappeared. I have not encountered any problems breastfeeding. He will be four months old soon and his results are negative.

The people I am living with don’t know my status. I told the father of my son, though he didn’t take me seriously so I didn’t say much about it. I am scared I might infect my baby and do worry about this.

My main challenge as an HIV-positive mother is watching my baby every second to make sure no one tries to give him anything to eat, I suppose that’s my fault for not disclosing my status. The people in the house are suggesting I give him some porridge. He is a big baby and they assume he isn’t satisfied by breast milk. I haven’t had the courage to disclose my status.

Pamela-Morrison-ibclc-breastfeedingtodayPamela Morrison is the mother of three formerly breastfed sons, Ian (37) and Bryn and Shaun (32). She was a La Leche League Leader in Zimbabwe from 1987 to 1997. She was certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in Zimbabe in 1990, where she developed a special interest in HIV and breastfeeding. She and her family now live in England.


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