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Ayu in Basel Mothers' Stories
Ruth Brodbeck, Basel, Switzerland
Photo: Ayu in Basel, Switzerland

ayu's-postcardsAyu’s story


Having a rest on a new book in the Netherlands


Checking out the library at LLL Lithuania

Hello members of La Leche League around the world.

My name is Ayu and I am traveling around the world with my baby Paco for one year (October, 1, 2016–September, 30, 2017) to celebrate 60 years of La Leche League International. I hope to meet many of you wonderful LLL people while visiting your countries.

I was born in Colombia with many other dolls and you can read about our beginnings here. My first trip was to Frankfurt to the LLL European Management Symposium (EMS). What a great time I had with lots of laughter, music, and lovely people.

There were 130 women from 28 different countries.


My Columbian passport

Ruth Brodbeck, an LLL Leader from Switzerland, “adopted” me and took me to Basel, this is now my home. See it in the featured photo at the top. Ruth sent a friend of mine to Lithuania to another LLL Leader and this started the idea for sending me on an LLLI 60th anniversary tour around the world.

I have now been traveling since October. I started from Basel, Switzerland and made my way as far as New Zealand.


Taking a stroll along the waterfront in Wellington, NZ



In NZ with a kiwi!

Then I headed to Great Britain to the LLL conference in Derbyshire, where I met lots of great people and made many new friends. I went to stay in the small town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Last winter, the town saw catastrophic floods, so I brought my umbrella, just in case, but luckily it was dry for my stay and I got to eat plenty of cake with the Brits.


Taking tea with friends in England


Visiting the historic town of Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, UK

My next stop is the Netherlands, where I’m also going to be a guest at another LLL conference. I am hearing some very good speakers and making some lovely friends. I’m really excited to be able to continue my travels to many other countries. So far on my itinerary are listed Lithuania, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, and six different places in the USA.


I just got to take part in an LLL meeting in Lithuania

Where to next depends on you. If you want to be a part of my adventure and would like to invite me to come to visit your country, please send your address to


Watching the sun set in an English field of wheat in Yorkshire

Ruth will send you details so we can meet up. I am traveling light with my baby Paco, so we don’t have much luggage, just a passport and an itinerary with brief instructions. While I’m staying with my hosts, they take photos of me so I can share my picture postcards with all of you.

You can find an album of my photos on the LLLI 60th Anniversary page on Facebook.


Bird’s eye view at the LLLNZ conference with Alison Stanton and Lisa Manning


Netherlands Conference

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey to many more exciting places. Please invite me to visit you! And I’ll share my photos on Breastfeeding Today.






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