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A Roller-Coaster Ride Mothers' Stories
Charisse Ann Dirain-Jain, Cebu City, Philippines
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The ups and downs of breastfeeding.

I’m a working mama. I analyze client specs and workflows and make magic creating tangible applications for the iPhone. I work from Mondays to Fridays on a regular 9:30am–5pm schedule with a midday break. 

I work hard to meet my baby’s needs. And that is not about what money can buy. I give my baby the best of me. I am a proud breastfeeding mom. 

Iker was an exclusively breastfed child from day one. I gave birth by cesarean section and after my operation, the nurse brought him to latch on to my breast. I could not move or hold him then because I still felt numb from the anesthesia, but I cried with happiness when the nurse held him so he could nurse from my breast. It was overwhelmingly pure bliss.

And I continued breastfeeding him from then on. Sure it was a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs, of crying, of sore nipples, and thinking of giving up as I did not know what I was doing wrong, of pressure from family and friends who were not sure I could produce enough milk, of sleepless nights, and extensive pain because of my cesarean wounds, of managing my time to work, and breastfeeding before leaving for work, during my noon breaks, and after the working day was over. But I took courage from the ups on the ride. I put a smile on my face as I hung on over the bumps and survived.

Iker is a happy, healthy, and smart baby at eight months. I will continue breastfeeding as long as he still wants to.

My journey as a breastfeeding mother makes me think of the poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

I took courage from the ups on the ride. I put a smile on my face as I hung on over the bumps and survived.

Happy breastfeeding!


  1. I am a breastfeeding mom:). I was pumping at work 3 times a day until a horrible Friday. One of my peers decided to gather a few co workers and formally complain that I was using a unused storage room to pump. We have actual mothers room but not enough rooms based on the size of our company. Some mothers pump in there car! It’s been a horrible struggle but I will continue to pump for my child. I’m determined to give her the very best!

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