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A Child’s Perspective Features
Amelia (aged 9)
Photo: Amelia


My daughter wrote this to tell me her thoughts on breastfeeding and she asked me to share it in Breastfeeding Today. I can’t recall her last feed. Nursing was something that tailed off so gradually over three or four years I didn’t even notice it draw to a conclusion (Amelia’s mum).

From a child’s perspective

I was breastfed until I was seven, but I didn’t realize to most people that was weird and I still don’t think it is weird myself. In the world there are probably fewer breastfed children than children who aren’t, which I think is bad. Lots of people don’t even LOOK at their baby when feeding, which is terrible, but the LLL Leaders are helping mothers who don’t know how to look after their babies and small children.

I enjoyed breastfeeding because it meant I got to spend more time with you.

Breastfeeding your child is much better than giving them cow’s milk. Giving your baby a dummy [pacifier] is because you won’t give your breast, which makes them start to suck their thumb, which ruins your teeth. I think breastfeeding is good because you’re spending more time with your baby, which will make them happy. I enjoyed breastfeeding because it meant I got to spend more time with you and breast milk tastes much better than cow’s milk. Once I had cow’s milk at school and I had to throw up in the bin.

It felt like you cared about me to feed me in your own time. It felt relaxing and would calm me down when I was crying. It was magic milky. It would help me fall asleep faster because I felt you protected me and didn’t leave me. It made me feel that I was special and looked after properly because you gave me the stuff you knew I needed and not just any old thing you could have that would take less work.

I hope I’ll be a good mummy one day. I feel like I’m different to a lot of people because most people I know were given toys to sleep with rather than mummy.


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  6. What a beautiful letter, such a treasure for you both 🙂

  7. Had a tear. Thank you for sharing. Currently feeding a 2 yr old and 7 month old. No plans on stopping x

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