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Esther Edith Mothers' Stories
Photo: Esther Edith

Two tributes written to celebrate the 60th anniversary of LLLI wishing everyone in LLLI a happy 60th anniversary.


Elizabeth Ring of Second Ave Photography

The first tribute is a song, written to be sung to the tune of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline

by author of Fit to Bust Alison Blenkinsop, Pagham, West Sussex, UK

 60 years of La Leche Leaguebuilding a legacy


How it began: seven inspiring women

met to help other nursing mums;

six decades on, spreading from Illinois,

worldwide a myriad bosom chums.

Arms, holding babes,

reaching out, joining hands, giving hope –

La Leche League,

here’s support for nursing pairs;

when they’re fatigued,

here’s a place to shed their cares.

And now we

Celebrate years, sixty years and still counting,

listening with love, surmounting doubts;

if feeding hurts, we need to find the answer,

so no-one’s feeling down and out.

Warmth, heartfelt warmth,

listening ears, loving words, guidance wise;

La Leche League,

here’s a legacy of trust;

sharing our creed,

using evidence robust.

Instrumental bit: Da da da da ….

La Leche League,

built on lived experience;

taking the lead,

raising global confidence;

La Leche League,

here’s a legacy of health;

we will succeed

when we work with nature’s wealth –

La Leche League!

And the second is by an LLL Leader,

Tessa Clark, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

La Leche League is 60


Boobs, baps, ribbons and wraps.

Toddlers running and babies in laps.

Leaders listening and mother tears.

Supporting breastfeeding, for 60 years.

Here is the place we now call home

Learning to listen and never alone.

There’s laughter and cake,

and many a cuddle.

Toddlers nursing and mums in a muddle.

Learning to trust the voice within,

Amongst so many, the adopted kin.

The love we feel, and the wisdom we earn

through generations, we continue to learn.

Breastfeeding mothers, surviving fatigue

United in love, for La Leche League.


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